Merry Christmas

Sometimes in life we need to clear all the unwanted “stuff” and move ourselves forwards in order to find our clarity again. This time of year should be all about remembering the special people in our lives and making sure that they know that we care and reaching out to those who we haven’t connected with for a while to make sure that they know we are still here. Sometime it takes courage to take the first step to reconnect, but doing so will set you free in more ways that you imagine. Whether or not you get a response won’t matter, it is the fact that you have done what you can to connect. We never know what is happening in other people’s lives and why or how they will respond, so much of our daily reactions relate to what is happening within us, not necessarily what is happening between those relationships we are trying to heal. Merry Christmas, remember to be present with your loved ones and enjoy your special people this time of year x